My Cult Leader Brother Ken Parks’ Reaction to My Financial Recovery Blog Article?

I know from watching the stats on the global locations of viewers of my websites that Atlanta, where my cult leader stalking brother Ken Parks lives, shows up quite often. So, knowing my brother Ken and his obsessive stalking tactics as I do, I have no doubt he reads my blog regularly. Out of necessity, my husband and I and our friends have for many years had to keep a regular check on Ken’s Facebook accounts and his other online activities, as any stalked victim will tell you becomes a necessary task to take on for safety sake. Ken has admitted for years that he knows we, our friends, and some of his other stalked victims monitor his online activities because of his many threats, defamations, and incitement of his cult followers to harass us.

So, then, lo and behold, a mere two weeks after I posted my blog article about steps people can take to financially recover from the legal fees paid out to get rulings against an abusive litigant, Ken posted up photos of himself living the high life on a Mediterranean cruise, without a financial care in the world and with a “catch me if you can” taunt in defiance of the court orders for him to pay us the nearly $250,000.00 in judgments against him. All this after he’s perjured himself multiple times in civil courts, bankruptcy court, and federal courts (all public records) that he’s “infirm” and “bedridden,” and ever so poor and that he only has a mere $20.00 left each month after all of his expenses. All this too, after he has perjured himself and provided false, fraudulent filings in his divorce case with his second wife in which he fails to list his bank accounts, and he most certainly does not list his under-the-table income (such as possibly making money on child porn with nine email accounts registered in his name that have variations of “kidsx” in the account names???). On top of that, and in his typical money-is-my-god manner, he’s actually petitioning the divorce court to order his verifiably disabled second wife to pay him alimony!

All the while, Ken continues to write ad nauseam his unending hypocritical screeds against “church businesses” and wealthy “fake” pastors. This from the fraud who, two days after filing for bankruptcy in 2019 to avoid our efforts to collect on our judgments against him, published on his public Facebook account “Real Christians never file for bankruptcy” and “Real Christians pay their debts.” Take that as his admission that he knows he’s not a real Christian, which confirms that all his Bible quotes and religious jargon are scam tactics he enjoys using on “stupid Christians,” as I’ve witnessed him so lovingly refer to them. The sad thing is, every time he dupes Christians into believing him and giving him donations after they fall for his religious jargon, his fraudulent use of the title “pastor,” and his lie about being “persecuted” by me and his other victims, he confirms that there are very unwise and gullible Christians in the world who make themselves easy prey for his con game.

Ken claimed in his Facebook posts that this latest trip (yes, he’s taken multiple foreign and domestic trips for several years, including during his bankruptcy proceedings) was his birthday present to himself. But if he had planned this Mediterranean cruise some months back — and he may have — it seems more likely that he would have scheduled to take the cruise during the time that actually included his birthday, not a week after his birthday. Cruises can be booked even as late as the day before the cruise begins, so it might be more likely — if Ken actually was on a Mediterranean cruise — that he immediately booked this trip during one of his typical flaming rages as he reacted to my blog post describing how he has failed in his “mission” to permanently damage our finances. I have a lifetime of experience that makes me conclude that when it comes to my brother Ken’s obsession for me that not much is mere coincidence. I also have a lifetime of witnessing on more occasions than I care to remember my brother Ken flinging himself into his vein-popping rages when any of his malevolent “missions” weren’t “accomplished.” So, knowing my brother Ken as I do, more likely than not he reacted by “getting back” at me for my blog article by publishing posts that, he hoped, would throw in our faces his ability to use all of his unaccountable (and most likely illegal) income to defy the court orders and put himself on a Mediterranean cruise, instead of paying the judgment amount he owes us. And there we go back to his own publicized statements: “Real Christians pay their debts.”

Of course, it isn’t completely certain that Ken really was on a Mediterranean cruise, since he’s been known to photoshop all kinds of things. For example, at one time he narcissistically published one of his photoshopped headshots onto a photo of the Times Square building to make it appear that he’s famous. All the same, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ken has plenty to spare from all his unaccountable (and most likely illegal) sources of income to take all the trips he’s boasted about taking for many years.

Why, might someone ask, would Ken throw a rage over my blog article describing our success in our financial recovery efforts? The answer goes back to Ken’s online posts and his previous website articles in which he boasted that the only reason he files his lawsuits is to deliberately cost his victims, and me in particular, the money to hire attorneys to get his meritless and defamatory lawsuits dismissed. By boastfully admitting as much he’s also inadvertently admitting that he has knowingly and deliberately filed defamatory and completely untrue claims in his lawsuits against me and my husband (nine total), against his ex-wife and her second husband (approximately a dozen), and against a church, so as to stalk me and all his other victims through the court system and “punish” his “enemies” with the intention of trying to cause permanent financial damage. His own published admissions were part of the evidence that helped us obtain judgments and permanent state and federal injunctions against him and have him permanently deemed an abusive litigant.

Fifty years ago, the sum total of all that my brother Ken has done in and out of courts and online for the past few decades would have landed him in prison in a snap, and most likely would have also resulted in him being diagnosed a psychopath (not a psychotic) and permanently committed into a mental hospital. But, legislatures have done away with mental hospitals and permanent commitment laws, and despite us getting paper wins declaring the obvious truths about my brother, as any victim/survivor of crime will tell you, it is a rare occurrence when our courts actually enforce justice against bad actors.

Ken’s brazen and immensely hypocritical posts yet again prove my point about the unjust message our broken courts send to criminals and to their victims. I’ve known of divorced women struggling financially who can’t ever get alimony or child support from their deadbeat ex-husbands, and those dirtbag men flaunt far and wide about their vacations and their expensive purchases, shoving their defiance against court orders in the faces of their struggling ex-wives and children. They know the court system is broken, that they’ll never face just consequences, and they take advantage of the corruption and impotency of our courts to the nth degree.

And so it is with my malevolent fraudulent “pastor” brother Ken Parks. As his divorce proceeds through the court, more likely than not he will be ordered to pay alimony to his verifiably disabled second ex-wife. When that happens, Ken will most likely go POOF and disappear, as he has in years past such as when he was being investigated for the crime of child abuse. He’ll most likely use one of his devious brothers, abusive sons (the apples didn’t fall far from the tree), or his cult followers to sign a rental lease for him so he can hide from his responsibilities. And he’ll continue to spiritually and emotionally rape and slaughter as many souls as he latches onto.

My reaction to Ken’s latest escapade? I for one continue to believe that there is more to life than just this life, and that we are all accountable before God for how we live the gift of life He gives us. For decades, Ken has continued to lustfully enjoy his momentary paradise of duping “stupid Christians,” of exerting intrusive power and control over his stalked victims, scheming and accomplishing doing damage to people because of the sick enjoyment he gets doing that, and ever-so energetically pursuing through illegal and immoral means his decades-long declared goal of being “rich, famous, and feared!” as he defies court orders and defies the words of the very Bible he obsessively colors, underlines, and quotes to fraudulently promote himself as a “pastor,” “prophet,” and “preacher of the Word.” Ken obsessively, lustfully, and ecstatically seeks to create a hell on earth for anyone and everyone he targets, as if he’ll live forever in his perverted paradise. But in the end it’s the eternity of tormenting hell he’ll face for his wasted, pointless, and unrepentant evil life. Based on such things as Ken’s own brazen published statements on “Real Christians,” I have reason to believe Ken knows he’s on the road to hell and, knowing as much, he continues to feed his anger at God because God refuses to be his slave. Therefore, Ken continues his obsessive, raging determination to destroy every good person and every good thing that he can target. I know some people have concluded that Ken is demonically possessed and that he gives every indication he wants to stay that way because he’s addicted to the deceptive sense of power he’s obtained in exchange for his own soul. Whatever the cause is regarding the tragic situation with my brother Ken, his words and actions very much seem to indicate he enjoys taunting and sticking it to God, such as when he publishes his boasts of trips and expensive purchases while he causes financial damage to his victims and lies in court about being so poor and physically incapacitated (after he’s sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, “so help me, God”). In reality, he’s only been sticking it to himself.

My husband and I are grateful for the financial recovery we’ve been able to achieve and are still slowly achieving by taking investment risks and doing extra hard work we normally would have never engaged in had we not been hit so hard by my brother’s deliberate and blasphemous malevolence against us. And we’re happy to pass along whatever tips we can to help out others who’ve been hit with especially malicious financial damage, such as paying for the necessary legal fees to put a stop to an abusive litigant’s tactics. But if we were to never make another red cent, or lose all that we have, then so be it. This temporary life is not my paradise. I’ll do my part to be a creative faithful steward (Mt. 25:14-30) in both material blessings and spiritual blessings that God has entrusted to me, come what may in this life. And as I do the work of a faithful steward, I’ll keep my eyes pinned on what’s eternal, trusting in God’s loving promises of justice, real restoration, rest and peace. I’ll take all that over a Mediterranean cruise any day!

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