October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

On one hand, it’s rather sad that we have a time of year set aside to make others aware of the problems of domestic violence.  But on the other hand, it is vitally important to ensure that others are made aware of how common domestic violence is, in all its forms.

It is a fact of life that bullies have always gone on the attack against those who are physically or mentally weaker, or perceived as such by the bully.  The “ingredients” that can make someone choose to be a bully are deep insecurities, superiority complexes, a lack of empathy, and a pathological enjoyment obtained from the sufferings of others (people and animals alike).

Those who are on the receiving end of domestic violence fall into two categories:  Those who remain victims by refusing to stand up for themselves and others they have a responsibility to protect, and those who refuse to be further victimized, who stand up for themselves and others, who take a stand for what is morally right, and who become survivors.  As a survivor of domestic violence that I experienced at the hands of my four older brothers, I am determined to encourage those who have likewise experienced domestic violence to speak up and do everything in our power to hold abusers accountable.

I have to date been interviewed on a number of podcasts discussing domestic violence, and other related issues described in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order ( and that I also describe in my two other websites, and  I am determined to share my experience to encourage and empower other survivors of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse to speak up and tell their own accounts.  Podcasts are a great way to make our voices heard!

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More podcasts are in the works!  

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