The United States — In the Death Throes Or Resuscitated But In Critical Condition?

Despite all the pre-mid-term election hoopla about the Republicans taking both the House and Senate in one mighty slam-dunk and their promises to turn this country back to law and order, reality shows how pervasively radical leftist ideology has taken hold in our nation. What the mid-term elections demonstrated is the sharp and dangerous divide in our country between those taken in by the utopian lies of the radical leftists (posing as “Democrats”) that have insidiously infected every local, state, and federal aspect of government and society for around forty years, and those who hold to our historical constitutional form of government and therefore support law and order and true democracy.

It is a misnomer to call the radical leftists “Democrat.” The etymology of the word democracy means “rule by the common people.” That’s a far cry from what the U.S. Democratic Party has become with all of its government-centrist control policies. But that’s not surprising. Totalitarians excel at double speak. I included an example of this fact in my book, Fighting for Justice: Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, when I wrote about the name “The People’s Republic of China.” This horrible, destructive totalitarian regime has never been ruled for or by the Chinese people or as a republic. Totalitarians always, without fail, deliberately misuse nice sounding words and slogans which are the very opposite of what their regimes really are.

After these mid-term elections and leading up to the 2024 presidential election we will see a worsening of rampant crime and destruction of human life and property in “Democrat” led cities and states, as well as in our federal government’s border policy. We will see the worsening of radical leftist government overreach in the form of more raids on innocent people’s homes and businesses, and the arrest and prosecution of innocent victims who were forced to use completely legal deadly force to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses against criminals emboldened by the radical leftists’ intentional anarchic refusal to enforce written laws. In greater numbers, political conservatives who still reside in “Democrat” led states and are fed up with high taxes, high crime, and high corruption will refuse to gulp down the cultist Kool-Aid of radical leftist ideology and they will flee to less expensive and more law-abiding states run by Republicans. This ongoing exodus from Blue states proves that Republicans are not out to destroy democracy, as radical leftists continue to claim. No, anyone with half a brain can tell a tree by its fruit. It has been and continues to be the radical leftists misusing the title “Democrats” who prove repeatedly to be the real threat to true democracy, as evidenced in the high numbers of people continuing to escape radical leftist “Democrat” states and cities, just as my husband and I did nine years ago when we fled Connecticut for Tennessee.

I wrote in my previous blog about how my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has in his typical deceptive schizoid manner claimed to be supportive of radical leftist ideas one minute, then in the next minute he just as easily does a complete flip-flop, depending on who he’s trying to deceive, with claims of his undying support for conservative causes. In truth, he owes a great debt of gratitude to all the radical leftists who are in our “law enforcement” and our courts especially for the many decades of assaults, death threats, stalking, harassment, trespass, cyber crimes, etc., that he’s been given a free pass to commit against us and so many other people with little or no consequences. Fifty or a hundred years ago, before radical leftist ideas defending criminals’ supposed “rights” at the expense of victims and society as a whole saturated so much of our court system, my brother Ken would have most certainly been arrested, convicted, and permanently committed into a mental hospital for all his destructively obsessive actions against people. My brother Ken, like the majority of others who routinely violate the human and civil rights of others to live peacefully, knows our civil and criminal court system is badly broken and he uses that to his full advantage.

So is the United States in the death throes, or is our nation resuscitated but in critical condition? Maybe both are true, depending on each individual state. One reaction I anticipate coming out of this disappointing mid-term election (disappointing for both Republicans and “Democrats”) is a stronger support for secessionism. Both Republicans and “Democrats” have expressed their intentions to say good riddance to each other and form their own separate nations. As a historian, I can say that this most likely will not occur peacefully. Think of the 1947-48 creation of the nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India with enraged Muslims and Hindus attacking each other as they fled from one territory to the other due to their religious and cultural differences and I think that might give us a glimpse of what would happen if Red and Blue states broke free of a central government and individuals leaning in either direction fled from one region of the country to another due to stark and irreconcilable political, cultural, and religious ideologies. The only other time our nation has been in such sharp division and turmoil was prior to and during the American Civil War. Many people on both Red and Blue sides believe that another civil war looms inevitably in our future.

Don’t think China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are unaware of what an unstable mess our country is in. The dictators of those countries laugh at the U.S.’s pollyanna utopian radical leftists who have no concept of realpolitik. These countries’ totalitarians rejoice to see radical leftists take over and weaken our government, military, and society for the short-sighted purpose of gaining more votes so they can have one party rule. These dictators are particularly exuberant that the U.S. has a weak, mentally handicapped president, as Biden has so frequently proved himself to be.

Dangers from within and dangers from without. History doesn’t offer much hope to those nation states that collapsed into a moral morass like our country has. Where crime and injustice ran rampant and victims were left to fend for themselves. Where politicians aggressively pursued totalitarianism and lied as they made and broke their promises to the people. Where other politicians seemed clueless for decades to the lawlessness around them, and then after the point of no return wailed loud and long about the collapse around them but lacked the determination or enough support to stop the spreading cancer.

It used to be that the United States was where refugees from totalitarian regimes fled to fulfill their natural yearnings to live without abusive government interference. But now, where in the world do right-minded Americans flee to escape this anarchy, this insanity?

Personally, to keep our sanity, my husband and I choose throughout each day to practice vigilance around our home and when we’re out and about. It isn’t just because my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ threats still hang over our heads, but because even if he no longer posed a danger to us we live in an increasingly lawless society, even in a relatively conservative part of the country. We are grateful for whatever blessings we have thus far, not knowing how long we will be able to enjoy them. And we keep ourselves involved in local politics as well as apprised of what is happening in our legislatures so that we can actively participate in letting our state and federal representatives know in what ways we support them and in what ways they need to do better. At this point it is all we can do. None of us knows the timeline for whatever may end up happening to our country or to ourselves individually. All we can do is stand tall and unwavering in our convictions. As I often tell people, there is more to life than just this life, and the best revenge against an abuser — either an individual abuser or an abusive government — is to live a good life.

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